Save thousands of dollars by ensuring that your home remains level for years to come, with LevelMaster’s patented design, adjustable house stumps. Just wait till you see what this revolutionary design with the integrated nut can do to maintain the value of your home. These unique products are relied upon by thousands of home owners, who feel safe knowing that they can now ensure their home is protected against “home level movement,” and the costly damage it causes. LevelMaster is stronger, easier and faster than using traditional stumps.

Stump Connectors

Screw on: The more popular method is to tek screw the connector on. With no heat applied, the screw on connections does not disturb the galforce coating nor the strength rating of your steel stump.

Why choose LevelMaster for your next project?

Easy to Adjust
Traditional house stumping and re-blocking required heavy hydraulic jacks, packers and lifters. Whereas one person with three simple tools can easily adjust LevelMaster house stumps.

Quality and Durability
Exposure to the elements leads to a higher chance of wear and rust which was common in house stumps in the past. LevelMaster’s covered stumps, on the other hand, have a much lower risk for rust. LevelMaster achieves a long-life expectancy by hot dip galvanising their stump tops and bases.

Fast results
In the past, house stumping or re-blocking could take up to 3 weeks to level a house. LevelMaster tools can get your house level in less than half of that time.

Save on labour
Other stumping methods can be costly to install, as they require specialist tradesmen with high ongoing costs. LevelMaster, on the other hand, is quick and simple to install saving on labour.

Height matters
The maximum legal height for re-packing to level with traditional re-stumping/house levelling is 50mm.  In contrast, LevelMaster’s house stumps have a max height adjustment of 120mm due to their unique design.

LevelMaster can also accurately pre-fabricate all products, removing the need for an onsite fabricator like traditional methods of stumping.



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