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A design that makes castnetting live bait or prawns easy for those who feel a little ‘uncoordinated’ and awkward is taking the fishing world by storm. ‘This net is easier to throw than a cricket game in Pakistan and takes a lot less energy’, says Lee Brake from NQ Fish and Boat.

Returning to the Mackay Expo this May, Ezythrow Castnets will be presenting these unique cast nets, that are known for their fast and easy one-handed casting design allowing anyone to throw a cast net with very little practice or instruction.

“We recently had a telephone call from a gentleman in Airlie Beach who said he had one arm and asked would he be able to throw our net” Keith from Castnets Australia recounted. “He mentioned he could throw the conventional net but at times would almost end up in the water with it.” He called in to see the net and when he came from his car, he not only had one arm, but also only one leg and was in a wheelchair. “After a few casts, he was very impressed with the Ezythrow design and could handle it comfortably. We were so inspired by this gentleman that we gave him a net” Keith revealed.

The key to the Ezythrow design is a 10″ aluminium ring at the top of the clear monofilament net. The circular shape naturally creates a centrifugal force needed to open the cast net every time. The cast net ring also provides a convenient handle from which to throw your cast net long distances with ease.

Stop by the Ezythrow Castnets site, OS73 at the 2019 Mackay Expo, held 24th to 26th May 2019 at the Mackay Showgrounds, to check out this revolutionary design!