Engel have for decades been known to produce the best portable fridges in the world, but they also produce one of the best Ice Boxes (Hard Coolers) available today. Would you expect anything different?

There are a multitude of Ice boxes on the market but there are only one or two that even come close to the performance and toughness of the Engel Roto moulded Cooler.  Engel Coolers offer extremely high quality and performance coolers at a competitive price. Compared to other brands, Engel offers the same, and in most cases better quality in terms of performance at a cheaper price.

Sizes from 20 litre to 302 litre means there’s a size for everyone.

What makes Engel coolers among the best choice is its unique sought-after features. Engel coolers are not the typical cheap cooler brand that will eventually leave you with broken hinges and lids. In fact, Engel was the FIRST to offer a roto moulded cooler.

In the Five Day Ice Challenge, the Engel Roto moulded Cooler was one of the top performing coolers among many brands. The Engel handled 5 days of ice retention with ease. The coolers were opened three times a day and shifted our 6 beverages from top to bottom and vice versa to simulate actual use. In fact, the Engel Roto moulded Cooler can achieve an ice retention of 7-10 days.

Strength, durability, superior ice retention at a cheaper price – check them out at site PC311.