Fire Defender has been involved with fire retardants since 2006 when they first offered an onsite curtain cleaning, fire retarding and certification services to cinema and live stage venues. Their service list has grown dramatically and now includes all venue types that require their curtains and drapes be maintained to meet relevant building codes.

Their range of Fire Retardants is steadily growing as they continue to test and develop new products that meet Australia’s stringent building codes.  Fire Defender has also recently added FloodSax®- a Sandless Sandbag for water inundation mitigation to their products.

FloodSax® is an effective lightweight alternative to regular sandbags.  They can be used in a wide range of applications, 97% environmentally friendly and biodegradable.  FloodSax ticks all the boxes.  Being lightweight they are quick and easy to deploy within minutes by virtually anyone.  Traditional sandbags are generally heavy, messy, take up space and time.  With FloodSax say goodbye to the shovelling, filling, tying of bags and carrying of sand, thus lowering the risk of injuries.  FloodSax can manage water and liquid situations at a moment’s notice.

Thermo-Gel® is another of their newest products which has been used successfully overseas to protect homes from bushfires.  When Thermo-Gel is sprayed on surfaces including houses, shed, vehicles and vegetation, it provides an instant protective coating to these surfaces for a number of hours, allowing you time to retreat to a safe location.

Fire Defender stock a range of clear fire retardants for use with fabric and timbers, and intumescent paint for AS1530.4 FRL ratings. Fire Defender is the only company in Australia to offer a clear timber fire retardant that gives a natural timber finish for pine timbers.

They can work with you or your Fire Engineer to develop fire rated solutions for the commercial, aviation, marine and domestic sectors.

All these products are available to the public, trade and resellers.

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Phone 1300 347 374 (Brisbane) or            0458 006 122 (Mackay)

Or Visit their Mackay Office at Unit 1 / 45 Evans Ave, North Mackay