The Rescue Swag may look just like a tiny rolled up swag, but the similarity ends there.

Inside each Rescue Swag are 3 separate modules that contain a comprehensive first aid kit, which can be used to treat everything from minor injuries to snake bites, burns and even more serious emergencies. The modules are well labelled so you can quickly pick the appropriate one to treat the problem at hand, which is one reason why many paramedics have praised them.

Obviously, a lot thought has gone into the design of the Swag. Nothing is wasted; everything has a function, even the roll cover itself, which is in a bright yellow Hi Visibility colour, complete with reflective strips. It also features two lock down clips on the outside, which can be used to hook the Swag onto anything from a saddle, bike, tractor or event the backboard of a ute.

The weatherproof, dustproof Rescue Swag keeps everything safe and secure from the elements, and can even be used to carry water in an emergency. It also features a communications pocket, which can store a Personal Locator Beacon or mobile phone. There’s also plenty of room to store your own specific medications.

The inventors of Rescue Swag claim this is the perfect safety partner for anyone who enjoys a day on the water, a trip in the Motorhome, Caravan, 4×4, a camping trip and everything in between. It is tough, durable and made for harsh Queensland conditions.

Initially designed to be attached to the back of a saddle, after an awful riding accident where help took some time to arrive, it has since been refined even further.

In addition to the brilliant design, Rescue Swag also offers an educational emergency app that is usable anywhere – even offline! – once it has been downloaded to your device. The app can provide vital information for treating injuries, so you know exactly what to do in an emergency.

Plus, all kits come with an Aussie first – a unique self-tensioning bandage that enables you to get exactly the right tension, every time. It can be used for snake bites, sprains and after a broken limb comes out of the plaster, it can be used to offer comfort and support.

See the incredible Rescue Swag on site OA56 during the 2021 Mackay Expo.